Enable QML debugging

To enable QML debugging for a project:

  1. Go to Extensions > Qt VS Tools > Qt Project Settings > QML.
  2. In Enable QML Debugging, select Yes.

    {Enabling QML debugging for a project}

  3. Select OK to save the project settings.
  4. Go to Build > Rebuild Solution to rebuild the project.

Disable QML debugging

To disable processing of all QML debug events by the QML debug engine:

  1. Go to Extensions > Qt VS Tools > Options > Qt > General > QML Debugging.

    {Qt General Options}

  2. Set Process debug events to False.

This effectively excludes the QML debug engine from the debugging environment and disables debugging of QML code for all projects.

Set debugging connection timeout

To increase or decrease the timeout for debugging connections in milliseconds:

  1. Go to Extensions > Qt VS Tools > Options > Qt > General > QML Debugging.
  2. Set the value of Runtime connection timeout.

To remove the timeout, set the value to Disabled.

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