Manage resources

Adding new resources to a Qt project is similar to adding resources to a normal C++ project. The main difference is that you use Qt resource files (.qrc ) instead of Windows .rc files. Unlike .rc files , .qrc files work on all platforms that Qt supports and are trivial to load from Qt code.

To add new resources:

  1. Go to Project > Add New Item > Installed > Visual C++ > Qt.
  2. Select Qt Resource File.

    {Add New Item dialog}

  3. In Name, enter a name for the resource file.
  4. In Location, specify a location for the file.
  5. Select Add to create a .qrc file and to open it in the Qt Resource Editor.

    {Qt Resource Editor}

  6. To add resources to the file, select Add > Add Files.
  7. In Prefix, you can change the prefix.

When referring to the resources later on from Qt code, you must prepend the prefix, the file name, and a colon. For example, :/MyProject/print.bmp.

Add prefixes

To add prefixes to the .qrc file, select Add > Add Prefix in the Qt Resource Editor.

See also Start Qt Resource Editor and The Qt Resource System.

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