Advanced Designer Topics

Learn more about the UI files (.ui.qml), collecting data about using Qt Design Studio, and about packaging applications for delivering them to users or uploading them to app stores.
  • UI Files

    Some of the wizard templates create projects that contain UI files. You should always edit UI files in the 2D and Properties view, to avoid breaking the code.

  • Manage Data Collection

    You can enable Qt Design Studio to report crashes automatically. If you enable the telemetry plugin, you can turn on the pseudonymous user statistics collection and determine what type of data is collected and transmitted to the backend storage. You can also modify settings for collecting user feedback.

  • Packaging Applications

    When you are ready to deliver your application to users or upload it to app stores, you can use Qt Design Studio to create suitable packages that contain all the necessary files, such as fonts, images, components, and modules.

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