Viewing Applications on Android

View Qt Design Studio projects that you have shared online in Qt UI Viewer. Bring all the projects from a Qt Design Studio ID to Qt UI Viewer, or establish a direct network connection for a real-time preview of your current Qt Design Studio project. These projects then run on your Android device. You can also adjust settings, view logs, and run example projects.

Note: This feature is included in the Qt Design Studio Enterprise license. Share Application Online and Deploy Project to Android are unavailable in Qt Design Studio without the Enterprise license.

Installing Qt UI Viewer

To install Qt UI Viewer on your Android device:

  1. Open the Google Play store on your Android device.
  2. Search for Qt UI Viewer.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Open Qt UI Viewer.

Connecting a Qt Design Studio ID with Qt UI Viewer

Connect your Qt Design Studio ID to Qt UI Viewer to access all your shared Qt Design Studio projects in Qt UI Viewer.

To do that:

  1. Open Qt Design Studio on your computer.
  2. Open or create a project in Qt Design Studio.
  3. Go to File > Share Application Online.

  4. Open Qt UI Viewer on your Android device.
  5. Select Scan QR Code.

  6. Scan the QR code from Share Application Online in the Qt Design Studio.

Note: Only one Qt Design Studio ID can be connected to the Qt UI Viewer at a time.

Running a Qt Design Studio Project in Qt UI Viewer

Once the projects are in Qt UI Viewer:

  1. Select a project from the drop-down.
  2. Select Run Project.

Control how frequently Qt UI Viewer updates the projects or make the project fit the device display from Qt UI Viewer Settings.

To specify these settings:

  1. Go to File > Settings.
  2. Toggle the Update user projects in the background or the Auto scale the project setting.

    Note: The setting "Auto scale the project" works independent of the Qt Design Studio ID connection.

Creating a Network Connection between Qt Design Studio and Qt UI Viewer

To create a direct connection with a Qt Design Studio project without using a Qt Design Studio ID, first, get your Android device's Local IP from Qt UI Viewer. Then, use the Local IP in Qt Design Studio.

To get the Local IP from Qt UI Viewer:

  1. Go to Menu > Network.
  2. Note the Local IP of your Android device.

To establish a direct connection between Qt UI Viewer and Qt Design Studio:

  1. Open Qt Design Studio on your computer.
  2. Open the project you want to connect directly.
  3. Go to File > Deploy Project to Android.
  4. Enter the Local IP you got from Qt UI Viewer into Device IP.
  5. Select Connect.

  6. Select Send Project.
  7. In Qt UI Viewer, select Menu > Network. The Qt Design Studio project now runs in Qt UI Viewer.

Note: The Android device needs to be on the same network as the Qt Design Studio workstation for the connection to work. Also, automatic synchronization is not possible. To update your project manually send it again.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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