Developer Topics

Learn more about using the Git version control system, converting UI projects into applications, and using external tools directly from Qt Design Studio.
  • Finding the Qt Runtime Version

    Qt Design Studio runs projects using a specific version of Qt. Identify which version of Qt your Qt Design Studio uses.

  • Using Git

    You can add the project files to the Git version control, so that the developers can keep up with your changes. Store and edit only project source files and configuration files. Do not store generated files.

  • Converting UI Projects to Applications

    Qt Design Studio projects are useful for creating UIs. To use them for application development in Qt Creator, you have to convert them to Qt Quick Application projects that contain .pro, .cpp, and .qrc files.

  • Use external tools

    You can use external tools directly from Qt Design Studio. Qt Linguist, QML utilities, the default text editor for your system, and the sort tool are preconfigured for use. You can change their default configurations and configure new tools.

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