How to Test iOS Applications

The iOS Convenience API provides functions for executing common user interface actions, such as tapping and gestures.

How to Use the GestureBuilder class

The readGesture(gesture-file) function returns an instance of the GestureBuilder class. You can create an instance of a gesture in the script code and use it for playing back gestures, instead of recoding them. Use the Gesture creation methods to dynamically create a gesture.

Here is an example of a two-finger gesture making a curved counter-clockwise movement. For iOS tests, it is recommended to use LogicalPoint as the unit since playback does not differ on retina and non-retina devices:

var tb = new GestureBuilder(320, 480, GestureBuilder.LogicalPoint);
tb.addStroke( 300, 200 );
tb.curveTo(1000, 250, 150, 150, 150, 100, 200 );
tb.addStroke( 100, 400 );
tb.curveTo(1000, 150, 450, 250, 450, 300, 400);;
gesture(waitForObject(":some_object"), tb);

Here is an example of a zoom gesture, that is, two fingers moving away from each other, also in one second. This time it is written as one statement:

        new GestureBuilder(320, 480, GestureBuilder.LogicalPoint)
           .addStroke( 180, 200 )
           .lineTo(1000, 100, 120 )
           .addStroke( 220, 240 )
           .lineTo(1000, 300, 320)