Quality Center Integration

The integration with Quality Center, formerly known as HP Quality Center, is implemented via the use of VAPI-XP test, for which a (VBScript) test script template is provided that:

  1. Uses the test instance parameters to locate Squish and the test suite to run.
  2. Starts squishserver.
  3. Runs the Squish test suite.
  4. Uploads the text test result.
  5. Stops squishserver.

This covers the basic use of Squish. However, you should adapt the template to fit your needs. You can download the test script template from: script.vbs.

This section describes only a basic use of Quality Center. For more advanced techniques and use, see the Micro Focus documentation

The following sections describe creating a test in Quality Center, preparing test instances, and generating reports.

Quality Center Concepts

The Test Plan module contains a test plan tree, which contains one or more folders, called test subjects, that each contain one or more tests.

The Test Lab module contains a Test Set. Each test set can be filled with one or more instances (occurrences) of tests from the test plan tree.

Creating the VAPI-XP-TEST in Quality Center

  1. In the Test Plan area, create a new test, and optionally a new test subject.
  2. Enter a name for the new test and select VAPI-XP-TEST as its type.
  3. You can use the default values in the wizard and select Finish to create a test with VBScript as script language and COM/DCOM Server Test as test type.
  4. Copy the content of our template over the current content of the Test script tab of the new test:


  5. Add the following parameters in the Parameters tab:
    • PathToSquish
    • PathToSuite
    • TestCasesToExecute


    You can already set a default value for some of these parameters. For example, the Squish folder path could be the same on all the machines that will run the test.

Preparing Test Instances

Now that the test is created in the test plan tree, you can add a test instance for each Squish test suite that you want to run:

  1. In the Test Lab area, add an instance of a test in a test set:


  2. Open the Test instance details and update the real parameters values in the Execution Settings:


  3. Repeat previous steps for each Squish test suite.

Test Report

The template test script reports the failures and passes of the major steps:

  • Whether squishserver and squishrunner could be found in "PathToSquish"\bin
  • Whether suite.conf could be found in "PathToSuite"
  • Whether all tests successfully passed or one of them failed


In addition to these steps, a text version of the test result (output of --reportgen stdout) is uploaded as attachment to the test execution in Quality Center.

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