The following table summarizes the squishide dialogs.

Collect Information for Squish Support

Generate a .zip file that contains information about the squishide, tools, and settings.

Customize Perspective

Customize a predefined or custom perspective.


Find and optionally replace text in the active editable window.

Image Not Found

Receive information about missing template images.

Image Search Preview dialog

Adjust image search parameters and view search results in realtime.

Import Squish Resource

Import scripts, test data, and verification points into a test case or a test suite.


Import a new shared Squish test script or test data file, create a new test case within the current test suite, or create a new test suite.

New MBT Model

Add an MBT Model for an entire test suite.

New Squish Test Case

Create a new test case within the current test suite.

New Squish Test Data

Add test data for a particular test case or for an entire test suite.

New Squish Test Script

Add a test script (e.g., containing supporting functions) for a particular test case or for an entire test suite.

New Squish Test Suite

Create a new test suite.

OCR Selection dialog

View a desktop screenshot captured for optical character recognition (OCR) and the recognition results.

Object Not Found

View an error message generated for a lookup error and the object name for which the lookup was executed.

Open Perspective

Open a particular perspective.


Set the squishide's global preferences.

Remote Control

Operate on the test system remotely.

Screenshot Verification Point

Compare expected and actual screenshots and configure how screenshots are compared on a per-screenshot basis.


Perform sophisticated searches across files.

Search Image Selection

Select an image file or create a new one to insert an image-based script function.

Server Settings

Control the use of squishserver when recording and playing back tests.

Show View

Open a view that isn't already open.

Squish Support Request Wizard

Create a support request.

Switch to Editor

Activate an Editor view tab.

Text Not Found

Locate text that was not found.

Visual Verification Point

View comparison failures and edit the expected visual state stored in the verification point.

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