Version 3.2.2


  • Added File.readln() JavaScript function.
  • Guess separator used for testdata correctly even for very short data tables.
  • Fixed Perl bindings for template, pointer and reference C++ types.
  • Compile fixes for Lynx OS. Some workarounds for recently discovered compiler bugs are still pending. Please inquire with support for a patch.
  • Don't let the squishide crash when creating a new testdata file and saving it before a second column was added.
  • Fixed Solaris walkcontext() check.


  • Added –with-moc switch.
  • Added QMenu.title descriptor. This seems got lost somehow between Squish 3.1 and 3.2.
  • Fixed Qt 4 library detection on AIX.
  • Deal with quoted built-in, pre-processor macros of latest Sun CC compiler.


  • Fixed clickButton()
  • On replay when an object is not found in the current context, try finding it in any other open context before throwing an error.
  • Fixed hooking into windows opened by subwindows. Squish only hooked into windows opened by frames of subwindows so far. This will fix many issues with popup windows.
  • Record and replay right-mouse-button clicks correctly.
  • If, when recording, it took longer that 20 seconds for an object or context to be available, record this timeout in waitForObject() and waitForContextExists().
  • When a frame, which is the current context, is reloaded, reset the context to the new frame window.
  • Fixed case where waitForContextExists() waited 15 seconds if called in an unfortunate moment.

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