Version 4.2.3

Squish 4.2.3 is a maintenance release containing various bug fixes and small improvements as described below:


  • Avoid Perl error messages being swallowed after testData.dataset() calls.
  • Fixed ApplicationContext.usedMemory property on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed passing of arguments to event handlers in Perl.
  • Bail out when encountering invalid VP files during test execution.
  • Added support for Python scripting on AIX.
  • Fixed a bug which might caused squishrunner to crash or yield a 'Fatal Python error: Deallocating None' error message when calling the detach() method on an application context object very often.
  • Fixed a "no such method" error in Ruby scripts when calling Mutex.synchronize.
  • Fixed conflict with Tcl's built-in index type.
  • Fixed lack of cursor animation setting when using attachToApplication() on Windows.


  • Fixed access to result logs in Windows UNC directories.
  • Fixed NullPointerException when editing Suite Settings/Envvars.
  • Prevent global scripts from being deleted because of an invalid renaming.
  • Prepend colon if missing when pasting objectmap entries.
  • Improved background for small images in VP editor.
  • Avoid superfluous "Do you want to close...?" dialog when re-opening a test suite.
  • Fixed error occurring when closing a Test Suite while an Object Map Editor is still open.
  • Fixed Tcl code generated for [waitFor] and [object exists] commands.
  • Fixed "widget disposed" errors on shutdown.
  • Fixed exception when trying to rename VP during creation.
  • Fixed display of properties with empty values in Properties view.
  • Fixed default CWD setting.
  • Made Open Symbolic Name respect quoted characters.
  • Improved performance of Test Results view on Windows.
  • Fixed exception when pressing Pause in Control Bar.
  • Tuned Eclipse memory parameters to ensure longer runtime.
  • Gracefully handle files disappearing that were opened in an editor.
  • More robust handling of corrupted test data on import.


  • Fixed screenshots of Qt header view items on Mac OS.
  • Greatly improved recording speed on huge scenes by avoiding calls to Squish QML Extension propertyFor() functions. Please note that this change removes support for overriding values of existing Qt object properties.
  • Fixed QML Flickable container for layouted children.
  • Forward exitcode of AUT if dllpreload.exe is renamed for hooking into sub-AUTs on Windows.
  • Further improved recording and replay speed on huge QML scenes with many invisible items when looking up items with the "visible" property set to "true".
  • Add extension-wide option to disable support for QGraphicsItems in pure QML scenes. This is optional optimization for huge QML scenes where QGraphicsItem lookups can cause performance problems.
  • Fixed name generation for widgets embedded into Qt views (QTableView, QTreeView etc.). For backward compatibility newly generated names for such widgets will contain rowIndex and columnIndex properties instead of the previous pair of row and column properties.
  • Fix crash during lookup of HTML elements when running tests in a loop that cause the AUT to delete and re-create QWebView objects.
  • Fix handling of signals caught for installLazySignalHandler() when the objectname contains a type property. Disallow handling of signals caught for objects not living in the GUI-thread.
  • Fix clickItem() on items inside QTreeView when the item is scrolled-off and not a toplevel-item.
  • Fixed generation of hierarchical names for nested QListViewItems.
  • Fix hierarchical name generation for QListViewItem


  • Catch Error throwables in Windows OLE code.
  • Fixed AWT thread problem on object look-ups
  • Record basetype for inner SWT classes like already done for Swing.
  • Fixed a recording regression in mixed SWT/Swing applications.
  • Fix SWT context menus on AIX.
  • Fixed spurious recordings of the closeWindow() function in SWT applications.
  • Fixed screenshots for Java applications on Mac OS X.
  • Enable object highlighting for Java objects on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed glass pane handling for JInternalFrame.
  • Fixed calculation of SWT item dimensions when using 64-bit Java on Mac.
  • Fixed SWT ToolItem 'selected' application object property.


  • Added support for Firefox 18.
  • Fixed right-click in Firefox when coordinates are used.
  • Avoid spurious JS errors from IE when using Launch AUT.
  • Fixed property access to document object while spying.
  • Fixed logic error for IE screen coordinates.

Windows (native)-specific

  • Fixed crash and leaks when accessing native properties and properties.
  • Implemented support for calling doubleClick() on list box items.
  • Fixed replaying of clicks on items in Windows Forms ListView controls which have VirtualMode enabled.
  • Add .NET "class" as an identifying property for WinForms controls that are treated as generic 'WindowsFormsControl' to avoid high occurrence counts.
  • Improve object synchronization for Windows Forms controls that are blocked by modal dialogs.
  • Fixed a problem with double-clicking system tray buttons on Windows which would make the test replay abort with an 'Error in doubleClick() invocation' message.
  • Fixed a problem which caused replaying clicks on Windows system tray buttons to fail.

macOS-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Fixed crashes resp. exceptions in some cases when accessing items of an NSOutlineView.
  • Fixed visibility property check in context menu items and pop-up menu items.
  • Fixed hanging when ending the recording resp. adding VPs during recording in some circumstances on 64-bit systems.
  • Added support for subviews of NSTableView.
  • Fixed spying of objects when property accessor throws exception.
  • Fixed continuous memory growth for long running tests by releasing unneeded memory earlier.

iOS-specific (iPhone/iPad edition)

  • Fixed a crash when inspecting a UIWebBrowserView in the spy with iOS 6.
  • Fixed spying of objects when property accessor throws exception.
  • Fixed continuous memory growth for long running tests by releasing unneeded memory earlier.


  • Include startaut utility into binary packages.


  • Maven: added option to continue builds if tests contain errors.
  • Rational Quality Manager: support for non-ASCII characters in user IDs and passwords on Windows.
  • CruiseControl: documented previously introduced attributes.
  • Quality Center: dump partial results even when execution gets aborted via the add-on.
  • Quality Center: import of shared test suite folders into test cases via qcimporter.
  • Quality Center: record information about "Host" and "Duration" of the executed test inside a test run.

Source Packages

  • Fix compilation of Firefox support code with MinGW 4.6.


  • Fixed pre-recorded Ruby sample for addressbook test on Mac OS X.
  • Include "Installation for Safari Testing on iOS" section in Squish for Web packages.
  • Added more Ruby-based example suites to binary packages.

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