Version 5.0.1

Squish 5.0.1 is a maintenance release that provides fixes for issues found in the editions for Java, Web, Android, iOS and Qt 5.


  • Fixed memory leak and improved memory consumption.
  • Fixed Null Pointer Exception on JavaFX Tab access.
  • Support replay of keys with AltGr modifier on X11 SWT.
  • Fixed clicks with relative coordinates on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed picking problem with JavaFX objects inside of containers.
  • Work around menu automation problem for SWT shipping with Eclipse 4.3.


  • Fixed replay of events with IE 9 and later.
  • Support passing modifiers, coordinates and button to HTML_Button::click().
  • Fixed access to frames that use relative URLs.
  • Improved shutdown procedure for Firefox.
  • Fixed retrieval of HTML elements via retrieveJSObject()
  • Improved "Launch AUT" behavior with Proxy-based browsers.


  • Fixed testing HTML content for UIWebView objects that are created right on app start.
  • Added touchAndHold() function.
  • Blacklist more iOS daemons.
  • Make touchAndDrag() work with small distances.
  • Increased application launcher timeout.


  • Fixed sporadic hooking failures on Windows.
  • Various fixes for QtQuick Web views.
  • Wrap more QFlags instantiations for Qt 5.
  • Fixed "type" property for QObjects instantiated inside QML.
  • Fixed normalized non-local URLs for Qt Quick 2.
  • Added support for QObject properties of type 'float'.
  • Fixed highlighting of QActions from hidden menus.
  • Re-added qmlId() function to QtQuick QML Extension API.
  • Gracefully handle NULL properties of type QObject and QWidget.
  • Fixed support for QtDeclarative WebView.
  • Fixed crash triggered by deletion of QDesktopWidget.
  • Support blacklisting Qt-based sub-AUTs.
  • Fixed QtQuick 2 flick recording.
  • Fixed race condition in viewing of complex properties.
  • Updated list of QUrl and QColor properties.
  • Wrap QGuiApplication and QFileDevice classes.
  • Resolved conflicts with Windows wrapper.
  • Fixed Mac menu replay with Qt 5.1.
  • Fixed crashes when application uses C exit() for shutdown .


  • Document object.createNull() function.
  • Fixed OS.capture() example.
  • Fixed generated PDF document.
  • Fixed Web proxy port number shown in examples.

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