Squish IDE is a GUI tool used to create, record, modify, debug, and run tests.


squishide [-h|-help|--help] [-toolsPackage= toolsDirectory] [-data workspaceDirectory] [-use-ide-cwd-for-squishserver] [suite_test...]

When the Squish IDE is started, it restores the previous session. That is, it opens the same test suite and creates tabs for the same test cases that were open at the time the Squish IDE was last exited.


-toolsPackageDirectory that the Squish IDE should use for the Squish command line tools. The directory will be preferred over any previously set directory, but can be overridden if the Squish IDE is bundled along with the command line tools in a single package.

Alternatively, specify the command line tools directory by setting the SQUISHIDE_TOOLS_PACKAGE_DIRECTORY environment variable.

-dataDirectory where the Squish IDE will store the previous session and all its settings. The given directory will be used instead of the default workspace that the Squish IDE would normally use: $HOME/.squish/workspace-ver-4 on Linux, Unix, and macOS, and %APPDATA%\\froglogic\\Squish\\workspace-ver-4 on Windows.
-use-ide-cwd-for-squishserverThe Squish IDE sets the working directory of squishserver to the bin subdirectory of the package it belongs to. Use this option to make the Squish IDE use its own working directory also as the working directory for squishserver.

This can cause problems when automating Eclipse RCP applications when starting the Squish IDE from the directory containing squishide.exe.

suite_test...If you specify the path to one or several existing test suites, Squish IDE opens them ready for use after restoring the previous session.

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