Version 3.3.0 Beta 1


  • Highly improved Object Map editor
  • Added object.children() and properties() functions that return a list of child objects and a property map, respectively. Available in all scripting languages.
  • waitForObjectItem() and findObjectItem() functions for improved synchronization
  • Support for live Object Map maintenance while Spy is running
  • Support for an append mode in JavaScript's function.
  • Support an optional SQUISH_LICENSEKEY_DIR environment variable which can be used to define where the license key file should be read (and written).
  • Safe handling of NULL values in the Variable Watcher.
  • Let the "Uncomment" feature of the script editor only remove the comment marker once so that this operation is symmetric to "Comment".
  • Avoid crash in Variable Watcher in case it's triggered after the application exited and tries to access a value of the destructed application.
  • Don't show the "File modification" message box in case an entry was added to the object map using the context menu in the Spy.


  • Dedicated QGraphicsView support. QGraphicsItems are exposed as fully-fledged objects including properties. The objects are recognized during recording and their state can be inspected and verified.
  • Support for testing (record and replay) of native Windows controls (MFC, ActiveX, etc.) in Qt applications.
  • New simplified and non-intrusive setup for tests attaching to a running application.
  • Support testing of Qt Jambi applications.
  • Wrap QListView and QFontMetrics(F) classes in the Qt 4 wrapper.
  • Avoid crash with Qt 3.0.5 and earlier versions.
  • Fixed name generation for objects that have property values having am &-characters in them.
  • Consider 'objectName' for the symbolic name.
  • Support the QFileOpenEvent event type in sendEvent() calls.


  • Support testing of applications which mix AWT/Swing and SWT/RCP controls.
  • Greatly simplified setup procedure for hooking into Java applications. Applications launched through a .bat file do not have to be patched anymore for example.
  • Pre-built binary packages for Solaris.
  • Support for record and replay of drag'n'drop and mouse drag operations.
  • Dedicated record and replay support for Eclipse GEF-based controls
  • Fixed access to object members via Perl test scripts.
  • A plug-in that adds a Squish Test Type to the Eclipse Testing and Performance Testing Tools Platform (TPTP). It allows for Squish tests to be driven by tools based on the TPTP framework.


  • Support record and replay of actions on Java applets embedded in a Web page.
  • On Windows, support record and replay of basic interactions with native browser dialogs (e.g. certificate and password dialogs), native browser control elements and embedded ActiveX objects. This includes Flash/Flex plug-ins.
  • Several small improvements for better synchronization and object identification.


  • New edition available for automated testing of Carbon and Cocoa applications on Mac OS X

Source Builds

  • Compile with a Qt installation that was stripped down with QT_NO_MESSAGEBOX, QT_NO_MENU, QT_NO_MENUBAR and QT_NO_TOOLBUTTON being defined.
  • Avoid compilation error by not using a possibly-reserved "constant" identifier.

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