Version 3.3.0


  • Ensure that the line of the breakpoint is visible once it is hit
  • Added saveDesktopScreenshot() function
  • Added OS.chdir(path) and OS.cwd() JavaScript functions.
  • Windows only: fix a crash in the squishserver that occurred in rare cases at the end of a testcase.
  • Bring the squishide to the foreground once a breakpoint is hit.
  • Fix incorrect file names and line numbers in error messages when exceptions were thrown from imported Python modules.
  • Prevent Variable Watcher from crashing when displaying a variable after the AUT exited.
  • Fix renaming of columns after right clicking on a column header if the table has been scrolled to the right.
  • Properly enable/disable the Record button, menu entry and link on the suite info page depending on whether a default AUT is set or not.
  • Don't show JavaScript functions in the variable watcher.
  • Select current AUT path as default path when browsing for a new AUT in the testsuite settings dialog.


  • Fix the monkey test example so that it clicks on tabs again.
  • Make recording activateItem() calls on menus more robust.
  • Properly wrap QFlags types to avoid ambiguous overloads with int overloads. Other template class fixes.
  • Show the attributes of QPointF, QSizeF and QRectF properties in the Spy.
  • Fix object lookup after an object was reparented.
  • Fix for using squishide with Qt4.4
  • Fix recording of nested menu items inside a context menu without title.
  • Improved Drag and Drop support.


  • Added support for the IBM Java Virtual Machine.
  • Added support for Java Web Start.
  • Miscellaneous fixes for the GEF support.
  • Added support for JFace actions.


  • Fixed File Upload on X11 platforms. Also make it work if the button is scrolled out of the view.
  • Improved the installer's detection of Firefox installations on Windows.
  • Use newer version of XPath code. Statements like 'following-sibling::TABLE' should not result in an endless loop anymore.


  • Fixed most known hooking problems by avoiding up-front class initializations.

Source Builds

  • Fixed compilation with Python installations that use the C type long for representing a Unicode character.
  • Drastically shorten command line during Qt wrapper build to avoid errors from the Windows 2000 shell.
  • Fixed compile and link errors on AIX
  • A few percent speedup when building the Qt wrapper.

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