Version 3.4.1


  • Support Ctrl+A select all in the object map editor.
  • Fixed various problems when executing Tcl scripts which involved the 'array set xyz { ... }' statement.
  • Fixed occasional crash when right-clicking on test script code in the squishide while having selected not more than one line of text.
  • Fixed an infinite loop at the end of executing certain test cases with the Valgrind add-on.
  • Avoid a bug in the spy which occurred when selecting an unnamed object in the object spy.
  • Fixed occasional creation of broken test case templates on Windows.
  • Pass additional commandline arguments in startaut to the AUT on Windows as well.
  • Properly show texts with '<' or '>' in the control bar while recording a test.
  • Make removing breakpoints from a test script while the test is being executed work on Windows.
  • Accelerate creation of verification points by about 600%.
  • Avoid crashing the squishrunner when attempting to create a verification point while a previous VP is still being created.
  • Fixed Perl debugger when compiled with Perl 5.10.
  • Fixed setting of string properties on object via Perl.
  • Fixed PATH_MAX declaration was not found on some Linux systems.
  • Fixed void symbol conflict with applications that use the TinyXML parser.


  • Fixed support of scrolling in comboboxes using the scrollbar as well as the mouse wheel.
  • Improved the monkey test example so that it's more fair when deciding between multiple available widgets in Qt4 applications.
  • Fixed the monkey test example so that it properly selects menu items which have no accelerator key associated (and also ignore separator items).
  • Fixed the monkey test example so that it properly interacts with QMenu objects in Qt 4 applications.
  • Avoid that the monkey test example gets stuck sometimes when encountering popup widgets.
  • Fixed a crash in dllpreload if the AUT and its commandline arguments got too long.
  • Added the Unix utility 'whoami' to the list of ignored applications.
  • Fixed crash when spying a QListView which has no model.
  • Fix screenshots on Mac OS X for OpenGL widgets.


  • Fixed getLocationOnScreen exception occuring both during recording and replaying.
  • Added a –with-java-home switch which is equivalent to setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable for detecting the location of the Java development kit.
  • Fixed SWT webstart applications using the JRE javaws tool. Unfortunately, the SQUISH_DISABLE_AWT environment variable has to be set to workaround the fact that the AWT classes are wrapped during the javaws startup and the SWT classes as soon as the webstart application is started.
  • Fixed 'java.lang.SecurityException: class "com.froglogic.squish.swt.SquishClassLoader"'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package'


  • Fixed detecting context switches in all cases with Safari.
  • Added support for automateLogin on X11


  • Fixed double-click support on canvas based tk widgets.

Native Win32 Support

  • Added support for various special key combinations like Shift+End or Shift+Home.
  • Fixed replaying key combos involving the Ctrl key on native Windows controls.
  • Record & replay pressing the context menu key on native Windows controls.

Native X11 Support

  • Added support for sending special keys like Tab as native events for X11

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