Version 3.4.2


  • Fixed the variable watcher so that it shows the correct value for remote objects while stepping through a test script.
  • Fixed the recording of waitForApplicationLaunch() calls in some situations where multiple AUTs are used.
  • Made screenshot verifications work reliably in distributed tests.
  • Set the name property of the application context objects that belong to the subprocesses Squish has hooked into.
  • Fixed the recording of setApplicationContext() calls for Perl scripts.
  • Highlight the if, else and elsif keywords in Perl scripts.
  • Respect spaces in the suite.conf file's OBJECTMAP entry.
  • Fixed drag and drop replay on Mac OS X.
  • Empty entries like ";;" are no longer added to the AUT environment's PATH.


  • Ensured that a drag & drop operation's source object is always correctly recorded.
  • Fixed the replaying of activateItem() statements on items which have backslashes or underscore characters in their text.
  • Qt 3 on Mac OS X 10.5: fixed a crash of the AUT on application exit.
  • Added a workaround for a Qt 4 bug that causes problems with clickItem() on Q3ScrollView when scrolling is needed to reach the item.
  • Made event handlers reliable when they are triggered multiple times by the same event.
  • Support compiling against custom Qt 4 installations that have QToolTip, QCursor, QTableView, QTableWidget, QMenu, QContextMenu, and QTabBar disabled.
  • Don't require otool to be installed on Mac OS X if you are testing a Qt application.
  • Made the spinUp() and spinDown() functions style-independent for Qt 4. Also made recording less time-sensitive, i.e., accept clicks that take a bit longer.
  • Prevented a crash when non-button objects are passed to the clickButton() function.
  • Wrapped the new Qt 4.4 QPlainTextEdit class
  • Fixed support for Q3ComboBox, both standalone and inside a Q3Table.
  • Show the text of QStrings in the variable watcher for Qt 4.x and Qt 3.0.x applications.
  • Fixed the replay of tests when using a statically linked Qt on Linux.
  • Respect the copy action for drag and drop operations.


  • Fixed the playback of special keys on JTextField.
  • Swing's JTabbedPane now also supports clickTab() with the extra x, y, key-state, and button arguments. This script function gets recorded when the tab is clicked with a key modifier pressed and/or any other button than the left mouse button.
  • Fixed screenshot verification points on Mac OS X.
  • Made the logScreenshotOnFail work on Mac OS X.
  • Added support to the extension API for RCP based applications. This requires JDK-1.5 or higher.
  • Fixed tree item selections for items that have non-string user objects.
  • Fixed JVM crash when querying the field or method list throws an exception.
  • Added support for recording the result of the ColorDialog (just like with the File and Directory dialogs). The script function is chooseColor().
  • Fixed the java.awt's Choice and List not sending an ItemEvent on selection change.
  • Added a mouseClick(obj, x, y, clicks, state, button) overload for AWT/Swing.
  • Fixed some corner-cases in the improved error reporting when object names were using a path instead of a description.
  • Fixed binding to SWT objects that are handled via the extension API: Inspectable.isObjectReady() was never called, Inspectable.mapFromGlobal() result was handled as canvas coordinates, better defaults for{To,From}Global, using the Inspectable.getGlobalBounds, JavaExtensionDir didn't handle factory classes with a package prefix.


  • Fixed the execution of the automateLogin() and isBrowserDialogOpen() functions when running Web tests with Firefox 3.
  • Fixed a lot of potential crashes when invoking functions like grabWidget(), mouseClick(), clickItem(), and others, with null object arguments.
  • Fixed the 'Record Script and Insert Here' feature so that it works properly with Web test suites.
  • Fixed error findObject()'s error reporting for object names that don't use multiple properties.
  • Fixed replay of listbox selections for GWT by sending a real change event.


  • Fixed the emission of the "application started" event which is needed for script recording when there are multiple AUTs.

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