Version 4.0.1


  • Improved the reliability of calls to the dragAndDrop function on Windows machines.
  • Deal with the Tcl "wide" integer type. Fixed overload errors when, for example, the [seek] command is being used.
  • Properly contain internal lookup errors that may occur during calls to the Boolean object.exists(objectName) function.
  • Invoking squishrunner --testsuite now correctly prints all the test scripts' stderr output to stderr instead of merging the scripts' stderr and stdout output all into stdout. This restores the Squish 3.4.x behavior.
  • No longer produce a spurious "Connection closed" error which sometimes occurred on application exit—for example, if the application was quit inside an event handler.
  • Fixed some problems that could occur when running squishrunner --testsuite on the command line where the test scripts output lots of text to stdout.


  • Fixed a bug where the squishide could hang during startup.
  • Prevented native Windows dialogs from randomly appearing by upgrading to a newer Java Runtime environment.
  • Fixed high CPU consumption in the Script Console view after terminating script execution.
  • Recording of new TSL scripts is not supported so this language option is no longer shown.
  • Prevented a spurious exception from occurring when using the Terminate button to stop execution while halted at a breakpoint.
  • Prevented a spurious exception from occurring when filtering out all the results from the Test Results view.
  • Prevented a spurious exception that could occur when opening a file in an editor other than one of the default script editors.
  • Stopped flickering when updating the text shown in the Control Bar Window.
  • Gracefully handle the opening of a test suite that has the same name as an existing test suite.
  • Fixed a problem with the Launch AUT action that could occur when the editor is maximized.
  • Prevented a spurious exception that could occur when quickly toggling a property checkbox in the Verification Point Creator view.
  • Disable the Launch AUT action, the Run Test Case action, and the Record Test Case action when they don't make sense—for example, when a test case has started.
  • Drastically improved the performance of the Test Results view by reducing the number of screen refreshes.
  • Automatically open the correct Console view when stopping at a breakpoint.
  • Improved the error message that appears when an attempt is made to select an invalid "Squish Tools" package.
  • Fixed a regression where the Pref­er­ences dialog's Playback preferences page was hidden: it is now visible. This page is used to configure the Snooze Factor and Cursor Animation settings.
  • When a file is deleted any editors that are showing the file's contents are now correctly closed.
  • Fixed the updating of failed image verification points with new expected results.
  • The Delete Test Suite action is now disabled when the AUT is running.
  • Gracefully handle the absence of a suite settings file (suite.conf).
  • The order of test cases is now correctly maintained in the suite.conf file even when a test case is renamed.
  • Any changes made through the squishide that affect the suite.conf file now result in the file being updated immediately. This ensures that if the squishrunner accesses the suite.conf file after a change has been made in the squishide, the squishrunner gets the most up to date data.
  • Fixed results produced by the Check Object Existence action.


  • Wildcard matches can now be used on QGraphicsItem objects' lineColor and fillColor properties.
  • Modifier key presses are now correctly simulated when calling the dragItemBy(objectOrName, x, y, dx, dy, modifierState, button) function.
  • Added a new editable property to QModelIndex objects.
  • Added mouseClick(objectOrName, x, y, modifierState, button) overloads for Q3ListView and Q3TableItem objects. These new overloads don't require mouse button or keyboard modifier arguments.
  • Added a mouseClick(objectOrName, x, y, modifierState, button) overload for clicking web objects inside QtWebKit widgets. This overload doesn't require mouse button or keyboard modifier arguments.
  • Fixed the recording and replay of clicks on QComboBox items that have no text.
  • Improved the performance of looking up items in Qt widgets.
  • Fixed the start*aut tool's --verbose option
  • Fixed out-of-bounds checking for rows and columns.
  • The object cache is now correctly invalidated when Squish detects that a cached QObject got deleted.
  • Improved the recognition of web elements inside QtWebKit widgets in cases where the widget's HTML document is reloaded.
  • Properties of type QUrl belonging to QObjects are now automatically exposed.
  • Improved the error message that is output when the lookup of a QTableView's cell failed for given a row and column.
  • Improved the reliability of screenshot generation for Qt widgets; also fixed a bug when calling the doubleClickItem(objectOrName, itemText, x, y, modifierState, button) function on null objects.


  • Fixed the recording of canceling a SWT ColorDialog.
  • Fixed a rare java.lang.ClassCastException when clicking items in Java AWT GUIs.
  • Fixed Windows error R6034 when trying to launch a Java application with a 64-bit JRE installed.


Native Windows (new edition)

  • Fixed the recording of tests on Windows applications which temporarily close all of their windows.
  • Fixed the recording of mouse clicks on native Windows applications in cases where the object under the mouse cursor changes between the mouse button press and mouse button release.
  • Greatly improved the support for interacting with the Windows system tray.
  • Actions on disabled toolbar items are (correctly) no longer recorded.

Mac-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Fixed synchronization problems which could occur when calling the type(objectOrName, text) function and which caused the script to play back before all the keyboard events were processed.


  • Added support for iOS 4 with the iPhone simulator. Note that separate packages are needed for iPhone OS 3.x and for iOS 4.
  • Support hooking into applications that have an executable file name that is different from the .app name.
  • Added a new command line option --xcode-root=<directory> to the iphonelauncher tool in order to support Xcode installations in non-default locations.
  • Fixed a bug in the hook used to test on the iPhone device itself.


  • Fixed clicks on iwidgets TabNotebook objects.

Source Builds

  • Perform 32-bit builds on macOS unless the --enable-64bit option is passed to configure.

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