Version 5.1.1

Squish 5.1.1 is a maintenance release containing various bug fixes and small improvements as described below:


  • A performance bottleneck in squishrunner driving remote tests from a Windows machine got resolved.
  • A problem was fixed which caused recording & replaying tests to fail after running the setup program twice.
  • A bug which caused squishrunner to get stuck when the AUT gets terminated unexpectedly was fixed.


  • A few issues were resolved which caused some of the views in the squishide to get resized to inappropiate sizes.
  • When starting a second squishide instance, avoid waiting up to 20 seconds to wait for the existing instance to be terminated (if requested). Instead, the existing instance is terminated immediately.
  • The Collect Support Information facility no longer shows an error message in case any of the files to be collected can't be read.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the IDE to ask for a license key even though a valid license key was installed and registered using the SQUISH_LICENSEKEY_DIR environment variable.
  • When selecting the browser to use for automating Web tests, it is now possible to select batch (bat) files on Windows.
  • An issue was fixed which caused an error message to be displayed when trying to edit the object map of a closed test suite.
  • The Retry button of the Object Not Found dialog now works correctly even if no new object was selected, i.e., it was pressed to check whether the requested object became available.
  • The contrast in the Object Not Found dialog was increased to improve readability.
  • The squishide can now auto-complete the script API provided by the JavaScript objects OS, File, SQL and Socket.
  • Error messages generated while comparing actual screenshots with expected screenshots are no longer silently dropped.


  • Recorded Perl scripts no longer use true or false to denote boolean values because they are not standard Perl identifiers. Instead, 1 and 0 are used.
  • A problem with the installEventHandler function was fixed in Ruby test scripts which caused the argument to the callback function for events like DialogOpened to become invalid.
  • Script errors raised when executing Python test scripts which were included via the source(filename) function now have the correct source file and line number associated with them.
  • Boolean test.vp(name) now accepts an optional argument which can be used to pass a message describing the verification. This message will be appended to the verification result message.


  • Pre-built packages for Qt 5.3 available for download.
  • Replaying tests now emits proper time stamps for QInputEvent objects such that applications which e.g. do manual single- vs. double-click detection behave as expected.
  • The pressure of single-touch interactions is now replayed correctly.
  • The replay of pinch/zoom gestures was improved such that e.g. the zoom factor is the same as it was when the test was recorded.
  • It is now possible to call the gesture function with an object name - in the past, it was only possible to call it with an object as returned by e.g. Object waitForObject(objectOrName).
  • Fixed a bug which caused some older screenshot verification points to fail with Squish 5.1.0.
  • A problem was fixed which caused ignoring processes by adding them to the blacklistedauts.txt to fail in case they link against the QtCore library.
  • Squish now correctly clicks on QTreeView items whose text ends in dots (e.g. More...) or which have an empty text.
  • It's now possible to automate QWindow controls embedded in QWidget controls.
  • Optimized generating object names for QQuickItem and QDeclarativeItem objects as well as for deeply nested hierarchies of QGraphicsObject objects. This makes recording tests on such objects work more smoothly.
  • It's now possible to use the return value of Qt methods which yield a pointer to a class derived from QObject.
  • Fixed taking screenshots for Qt applications which do not use QApplication.


  • The geometry of JavaFX components embedded into SWT controls is now computed correctly.
  • It's now possible to pick HTMLobjects embedded in JavaFX controls.
  • A problem was fixed which cased replaying text input of certain non-english characters to fail with Swing applications.
  • A bug was fixed which caused object lookups to raise an error in case the object name included the basetype property and the NatTable extension was being used.


  • Fixed executing the typeText function with Google Chrome.
  • Performing object lookups with object names which have line breaks in their properties now works correctly.
  • Squish now calculates coordinates of web elements contained within frames correctly when using Google Chrome.
  • User actions on SWT controls embedded in web pages are now recorded correctly.
  • An issue was fixed which broke replaying or recording tests with Microsoft Internet Explorer in case a file:// URL was used.
  • Detecting the Firefox version is now more robust.
  • Recording and replaying user actions in secondary Firefox/Chrome windows now works correctly even if those windows show content from the same domain as the initial window.
  • An issue was resolved which caused the selectOption to not work correctly on SmartGWT select boxes implemented through plain HTML <select> elements.
  • Entering text into SmartGWT select boxes is now recorded correctly.

Windows (native)-specific

  • The main window is no longer activated automatically when replaying mouse clicks on WPF menu items.
  • A problem which caused Squish to not replay tests on MFC applications correctly with Squish 5.1.0 was fixed.
  • Resolved an issue which caused replaying text input via the type() function to fail when automating Windows Forms, Infragistics or Telerik controls.
  • Squish now features dedicated support for Windows Forms DataGrid controls (in addition to the existing support for DataGridView controls).

macOS-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Fixed a problem which caused object names with invalid occurrence values to match toplevel objects like NSWindow or NSPanel.

iOS-specific (iPhone/iPad edition)

  • Support more device-family identifiers (for the different iPhone sizes and retina versions) with Xcode 5.0 and later.
  • Improved gesture recording for iOS (better detection of gestures and support for one-finger gestures).


  • Gestures replaying now also implemented for Gingerbread, was IceCreamSandwich or higher only.
  • Fix an UnknownHostException during hookup on some devices.

Add-Ons & Integrations

  • The JUnit output format now includes information on the time needed to execute a test or perform a verification.
  • The xml2jira utility now supports connecting to JIRA servers via proxy servers.

Source Packages

  • Squish can now be built from sources even if JavaScript and TSL have been disabled while running configure.
  • An issue which caused the configure program to not detect the .NET version correctly in some cases was resolved.

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