Version 5.1.2

Squish 5.1.2 is a maintenance release that provides enhancements for the Java, Web, Windows, Android and iOS editions. Updates for the other editions will follow.


  • Added support for Java Platform 8u20 or later.
  • Fixed 100% CPU usage with JavaFX applications using WebView and recent Java 8 versions.
  • Fixed document object mixup when having multiple WebView widgets.
  • Added support for 'visible' property in JavaFX.
  • Fixed crash with startjavaaut and JavaFX based application having a WebView widget.
  • Allow Java properties to be excluded from wrapping using a configuration file.
  • Fixed replaying mouse clicks in multi toolkit applications (e.g. Swing embedded in SWT) when keeping the target object as variable and accessing the other toolkit before invoking the script click command.
  • Fixed breakage of Java Web Start and Java applets with recent Java 7 and Java 8 versions on Windows.
  • To increase performance Object Map name reuse can now be turned off by setting environment variable SQUISH_JAVA_NAME_REUSE=0.
  • Fixed picking of objects with Eclipse 4.4 (Gtk 3) applications.


  • Added support for https sites with Chrome 38 and later.
  • Restore Internet Explorer's Protected Mode Setting after a test run to avoid conflict with other tools like HP ALM.
  • Fixed occasional crash during browser shutdown on Windows.
  • Fixed race condition in startup of tests with Internet Explorer.
  • Improved replaying of file dialog interaction in Chrome and other browsers.

Windows (native)-specific

  • Fixed clicking Windows Forms ComboBox (and ListView) items without .NET 4.5 installed.
  • Allow WPF ListViewItem inside TreeView
  • Fixed row values of WindowsForms TableRow objects. They were offset by the number of column objects previously.
  • Fixed non-working cases of 'AutomationId' property of WPF objects.
  • Fixed crash in MFC ToolBar support in case allocating remote memory fails.


  • Support for Xcode 6 and iOS 8 (testing in the iOS simulator)
  • Support screenshots for GLKView objects (OpenGL content)
  • Added new launcher argument --device-id for selection of simulated device.
  • Added support for device testing on ARMv7s architecture.


  • Expose non-static public class fields in addition to static ones.
  • Workaround for replaying touch events when View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION is enabled.
  • Fixed object look-up after traversal of objects via nativeObject.
  • Fixed document object mixup when having multiple WebView widgets.
  • More robust recording on WebViews.


  • Fixed replaying of Backspace key with nativeType() on X11 platforms.


  • Provide a Show Toolbar option when the toolbar is hidden to allow accessing it again.
  • Support opening of object map files from global script folders and elsewhere.
  • Fixed removal of spaces at the end of symbolic names when copying them from the object map editor.
  • Fixed startup of the Eclipse 4 based version of the IDE when using commandline arguments to open testsuites.
  • Prevent the Debug Console window from stealing the focus from the Test Results view after executing a test from the IDE.
  • Fixed potential crash when entering Spy mode and lots of new GUI toolkit classes are getting registered.


  • Fixed crash occurring when mixing Python functions from different wrappers (e.g. Java and Web) in hybrid applications.
  • Fixed (and optimized) objectMap API when no AUT is running.
  • Fixed parsing of JavaScript floating point numbers when the system has a non-English locale set.

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