Version 3.3.1


  • Prevent crash if the Spy is closed during a "Check all object existence" run.
  • Respect logScreenshot settings for and test.fatal().
  • Fixed crashes when calling global functions or reading global script properties on an application that has already exited.
  • Support alternative locations for testcase templates by using the SQUISH_TESTCASE_TEMPLATES environment variable.
  • Fixed initialization of defaultApplicationContext() properties.
  • Fixes for the recording and spying of native windows controls.
  • Fixed crashes when inspecting invalid objects in the Variable Watcher.
  • Handle negative timeouts more gracefully.
  • Fixed drag and drop when dragging over very small distances.
  • Let the Variable Watcher show Python objects of 'new-style' classes (which inherit the generic 'object').
  • Some heuristics for a more relaxed detection of Unix shell scripts.
  • Show the complete call trace in case a Python, JavaScript or TSL script fails.
  • Fix a crash on Solaris.
  • Fixed sending text to native Windows controls when the text contains non-ASCII characters.
  • Make the response timeout value editable in the server settings dialog.
  • Don't show null objects (i.e., a null pointer to a QWidget) as expandable in the Variable Watcher of the squishide.


  • Fixed invocation of functions with enum parameters.
  • Support mouseDrag() recording on all widget types.
  • When using attachToApplication(), correctly detect the case that another testcase is already connected and throw an error.
  • Respect the –port=xxx argument of the startaut command.


  • Fixed 'Illegal constant pool index' error when recording File Open actions in an SWT application.
  • Fix extra classes not being recognized by the script bindings.


  • Fixed entering non-alphanumerical characters using typeText() with Firefox.
  • Improved speed of the Spy when navigating through large web pages.
  • Fix lookup of 'heuristic' names with dots in their value.
  • Fixed typing text in web tests via setText() in case the given text contains backslashes.
  • Fixed compile problem with Solaris CC

Source Builds

  • Avoid conflict between Perl flags and Solaris system headers.
  • Compile without QTabWidget support in Qt, i.e., QT_NO_TABWIDGET being defined.
  • Fixed compile problem with AIX xlC.
  • Fixed Qt visibility detection for the Intel compiler on Linux.
  • Fixed configure switches for enabling/disabling the Windows wrapper.
  • Compile fix for strict compiler. abs() is supposed to be defined in stdlib.h.

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