Version 6.5.2

Squish 6.5.2 is a maintenance release containing bug fixes for all editions of the product. See the following sections for a detailed list of all changes.


  • Squish packages based on Python 3.8.0 are now available on demand. The next release will offer a choice between Python 2 and 3 at installation time.
  • Resolved an issue related to connecting to AUTs via squishserver processes launched with the --host option.
  • Improved the stability of shutting down squishserver.


  • Fixed a problem when adding object names to the object map from the application objects view. Object names using the leftObject property did not get a symbolic name generated for that property.
  • Fixed a problem that brought the squishide into an unusable state when double clicking the test case play button.
  • Resolved an issue causing the control bar to be not shown when doing a recording in a BDD test case.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the control bar to stay visible after a very short test has been executed.
  • Fixed a problem in the squishide that caused an error message in the PyDev Package explorer about a /lib/python entry reappearing upon each restart.
  • The Visual VP Editor now offers to save any changes when closing the dialog via the Esc key.
  • The Visual VP Editor now permits excluding a sub-tree of UI elements even in edit mode, as intended.
  • The Visual VP editor now shows expected values in diff mode, too.


  • Completed documentation of supported classes and methods in Squish's implementation of ECMAScript.
  • Fixed a problem causing test execution to abort when using the testInteraction functions on macOS.
  • Improved precision for timeout in Boolean waitFor(condition) functions to avoid returning before the timeout expires.
  • Object waitForObjectExists(name) now also honors the testSettings.waitForObjectTimeout setting.
  • Fixed 'Function has keyword-only parameters or annotations' error when running BDD tests using Python 3 type annotations.
  • Fixed an issue in the testData API related to reading table cells with double spaces from xlsx files.


  • Support added for testing applications built with the Qt 5.14 toolkit.
  • Fixed launching Qt 5.12 or later AUTs on Android NDK r18b or later.
  • Fixed record & replay of keypad input for QtQuick applications.
  • Support added for QFlags typedef arguments in invokable methods and slots. This allows calling e.g. QQuickComboBox::find(QString, Qt::MatchFlags).


  • Fixed taking screenshots of Java controls on X11 when the object coordinates are outside the root window.
  • The IncludeIdPropertyInGeneratedNames setting of the webwrapper.ini file is now considered when generating names for JavaFx WebView and SWT browser HTML objects.


  • Fixed a problem with hooking up Chrome 79 on Windows, a new version of the froglogic Squish Extension for Chrome corrects the problem.
  • Dropped support for fully customizing generated names as this would generate broken names in too many cases. The related IncludeIdPropertyInGeneratedNames setting in etc/webwrapper.ini is still supported and now ensures that alternative name generation options (like using the text) are being used.
  • Fixed an issue with tests aborting unexpectedly while executing visual verifications.
  • Resolved an issue when picking objects with Firefox 68 or newer.
  • Fixed a problem accessing the selected text of a field that has no selection in Google Chrome.
  • The behavior of functions from the ToplevelWindow module have been aligned between different browsers. In Firefox and Chrome they are now executed in a synchronous manner as happens already for Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari. Functions like resizeTo(width, height), maximize() or restore() now return only once the browser has executed the requested action or they'll fail and report an error.
  • Fixed a problem related to terminating the Firefox browser process.


  • Added support for testing on Android 10.
  • Resolved an issue causing a message to pop up related to using old API when testing on newer Android Pie setups.
  • Fixed support for CrossWalk-Cordova.
  • The IncludeIdPropertyInGeneratedNames setting of the webwrapper.ini file is now considered when generating names for WebView HTML objects.

Windows (native)-specific

  • Fixed an issue in Squish for Windows which caused no console window to show up.
  • Fixed issue with determining the leftObject for MFC ComboBox controls.
  • Fixed a rare issue with accessing the nativeObject property (or sub-properties thereof) on .NET controls.
  • Improved stability of repeatedly attaching to the same AUT.
  • Restored backwards compatibility when interacting with WPF ListBoxItems and their Label children.
  • Fixed accessing nativeObject property of .NET controls defined in dynamically loaded assemblies.

macOS-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Improved support for accessing properties provided by the Hero framework.
  • Squish no longer attempts to access child objects of non-expandable Outline view items. This can cause problems with some AUTs, in particular it may crash an AUT that is not prepared for such a case.


  • Fixed a case of tests aborting unexpectedly when replaying interactions on controls created with the Tix library in Tk applications.

Source Packages

  • Fixed a build tool crash for embedded packages on newer Linux kernels.

Known Issues

For a list of noteworthy issues which were found after the release of Squish 6.5.2 please see the Known Issues page in the froglogic Knowledge Base.

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