The QFirstPersonCameraController class allows controlling the scene camera from the first person perspective. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.Qt3DExtras.Qt3DExtras.QFirstPersonCameraController


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Detailed Description#

The controls are:



Left mouse button

While the left mouse button is pressed, mouse movement along x-axis pans the camera and movement along y-axis tilts it.

Mouse scroll wheel

Zooms the camera in and out without changing the view center.

Shift key

Turns the fine motion control active while pressed. Makes mouse pan and tilt less sensitive.

Arrow keys

Move the camera horizontally relative to camera viewport.

Page up and page down keys

Move the camera vertically relative to camera viewport.


Moves the camera so that entire scene is visible in the camera viewport.

class PySide6.Qt3DExtras.Qt3DExtras.QFirstPersonCameraController([parent=None])#