Provides texture image data for QAbstractTextureImage . More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.Qt3DRender.Qt3DRender.QTextureImageDataGenerator


Virtual functions#


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Detailed Description#

QTextureImageDataGenerator is a data provider for QAbstractTexture . QTextureImageDataGenerator can be used to expand Qt3D with more ways to load texture image data as well as support user-defined formats and formats Qt3D does not natively support. The data is returned by the QTextureImageDataPtr which contains the data that will be loaded to the texture. QTextureImageDataGenerator is executed by Aspect jobs in the backend.

class PySide6.Qt3DRender.Qt3DRender.QTextureImageDataGenerator#
abstract PySide6.Qt3DRender.Qt3DRender.QTextureImageDataGenerator.__call__()#
Return type:


Implement the method to return the texture image data.

abstract PySide6.Qt3DRender.Qt3DRender.QTextureImageDataGenerator.__eq__(other)#


Return type:


Implement the method to compare this texture data generator to other. Returns a boolean that indicates whether the QAbstractTextureImage needs to reload the QTextureImageData .