The QCategory3DAxis class manipulates an axis of a graph. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtDataVisualization.QCategory3DAxis



  • labels - For the axis applied to categories


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Detailed Description#

QCategory3DAxis provides an axis that can be given labels. The axis is divided into equal-sized categories based on the data window size defined by setting the axis range.

Grid lines are drawn between categories, if visible. Labels are drawn to positions of categories if provided.

class PySide6.QtDataVisualization.QCategory3DAxis([parent=None])#


Constructs a category 3D axis with the parent parent.


Properties can be used directly when from __feature__ import true_property is used or via accessor functions otherwise.

property PᅟySide6.QtDataVisualization.QCategory3DAxis.labels: list of strings#

This property holds The labels for the axis applied to categories..

If there are fewer labels than categories, the remaining ones do not have a label. If category labels are not defined explicitly, labels are generated from the data row (or column) labels of the primary series of the graph.

Access functions: